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RoadTop® PCI Docking Station

RT 420-PCI

  Dockingtechnology of RoadTop®  Dockingstation with PCI Slots

Interfacing of the RoadTop® PCI Dockingstation is realized through a 32 Bit Cardbus card. The Cardbus Interface is using the same mechanical slot as does the PC-Card interface. It is implemented in every modern notebook computer. 

The RoadTop®  PCI Dockingstation are designed for maximum compatibility regarding hardware and operating system.
Due to some different interpretations of the standard through the controller manufacturers the Cardbus has not yet reached that high degree of compatibility as one is used from the PC-Card interface. A settling of the standard can be expected in the next few years. 

At the moment we suggest a compatibility check of the intended notebook computer. Please ask Axotec Technologies or your nearest dealer about compatibility issues.

Should there unexpectedly be no compatibility for your notebook you can use the RoadTop®  PCC solution in any case.




The portable dockingstation RoadTop® RT 420-PCI supports 3 PCI standard slots, all with full lenght and full height. The RoadTop® RT 420-PCI dockingstation is highly expandable. The standard version already allows simple integration of a compact color ink jet printer for high quality color printouts on the spot.
Moreover the system supports integration of 16 signal conditioning modules and measurement amplifiers according to the 5B standard. Together with the availability of different interface panels RT 420-PCI is an ideal platform for a powerful portable measurement and service system exactly meeting individual requirements.

Adjustable snap-In holder* for the notebook computer

The RoadTop® RT 420-PCI dockingstation includes a stable and easy adjustable snap in holder. That holder combines notebook computer and docking station to a compact, mobile unit. Installing and removing the notebook is a trifle.

* patent pending

Power supply

Power supply of the dockingstation as well as of the notebook computer is made by an integrated supply unit. No further external devices are required. 

The unit can operate from AC source and also from integrated accu with UPS functionality (uninterruptible power supply) and DC sources.


  • three PCI slots with full lenght and full height
  • full bus speed with full busmaster support
  • stable three point holder for PCI expansion cards
  • robust snap in holder for the notebook computer, simple adjustable for every notebook computer*
  • ruggedized, lighweight aluminium case
  • different interface panels available
  • free space for installing extra hardware, i.e. signal conditioning
  • carrier for 16 5B signal conditioning modules available
  • ideal measurement and service unit platform
  • AC-operation, optional accu operation with UPS, DC-operation available

OS Compatibility

  • Win 95
  • Win 98
  • Win 98 SE
  • Win ME
  • Win NT 4
  • Win 2000
  • Win XP

RT420-PCI technical data

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